Fifth Nordic Ukrainian Film Festival

Nordic Ukrainian Film Festival is celebrating its 5 year anniversary!
Once again, Sweden’s cinema lovers have an outstanding opportunity to discover new and exciting Ukrainian films. In honor of the five-year anniversary, we have invited the renowned director Agnieszka Holland, the Ukrainian director Olena Demyanenko, as well as several other guests who will give the audience a closer insight into the films and how they came to be created.

Ticket purchase: Tickets released 6 November!

Date: 28 Nov – 1 Dec 2019
Place: Saga Bio, Kungsgatan 24, Stockholm

Ilovaysk – Batallion Donbas (Beshoot) ― 28/11, 18:00

Based on a true story, the film follows one of the most important and tragic events in the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine. Two fighters of the ‘Donbas’ Volunteer Battalion get locked inside the city of Ilovaysk after the regular Russian army enters Ukraine and shells the surrounded divisions of the Ukrainian Army in what would become the infamous ‘green corridor’. The fighters survive thanks to the help of the locals and manage to break out through the front line to reach the freed territory. Taras Kostanchuk, who is playing himself as ‘Beshoot’, is that same Donbas commander who is the prototype of the story. The actors and extras are all real fighters who play themselves, except those who did not survive the battle.
2h | Action, Drama│TRAILER

After the screening, one of the actors who played himself and participated in and survived the battle will be present together with the team of the film for a short discussion with the audience. Moderator: Alina Zubkovych, film festival manager.

Censored (Zaboronenyi) ― 29/11 kl.18:00

“Censored” is a metaphorical story about the tragic and mysterious death of the most powerful poets of the 1960’s, human rights activist, hero of Ukraine Vasyl Stus and his struggle with the Soviet system. The events of the film unfold during the last attempt by the KGB to seduce the poet with a whimsical “freedom”. 1 h 40 min │ Biography, Drama, History│TRAILER

After the screening, the audience has the opportunity to discuss the film with thefilm’s manager– Olena Morentsova-Shulyk. Warm welcome!

Foxter & Max ― 30/11 kl.15:30

An artistic, frustrated pre-teen discovers that the graffiti dog he painted with a found can of what he thought was spray-paint, has come to life in the form of an ultra-intelligent super-dog made of nanobots. But now both of them are being hunted by the most dangerous criminal in the city, who will stop at nothing to get this newest technology in his grasp 1 h 30 min │Adventure, Family, Fantasy│TRAILER

Mr Jones ― 30/11 kl.18:00

In March 1933, Welsh journalist Gareth Jones takes a train from Moscow to Kharkiv. He disembarks at a small station and sets off on foot on a journey through the country where he experiences at first hand the horrors of a famine. Everywhere he goes he meets henchmen of the Soviet secret service who are determined to prevent news about the catastrophe from getting out to the general public. Stalin’s forced collectivization of agriculture has resulted in misery and ruin; the policy is tantamount to mass murder later known as Holodomor. Supported by Ada Brooks, a New York Times reporter, Jones succeeds in spreading the shocking news in the West, thereby putting his powerful rival, the Pulitzer Prize-winning, pro-Stalin journalist Walter Duranty, firmly in his place. 2h | Biography, Drama, Thriller│TRAILER

We have fantastic news to share with you! After the screening, we invite everyone to a discussion with the film’s director – the well-renowned Agnieszka Holland. An opportunity not to miss!

Hutsulka Ksenya ― 1/12 kl.18:00

“Hutsulka Ksenya” is a musical comedy based on the operetta by Yaroslav Barnych, set in Ukraine in 1939. Yaro, a young Ukrainian-American man, comes to the Carpathian Mountains, because his father left him a fortune under the condition that he would marry a Ukrainian girl. He stays at a local hotel run by a group of strong, fun-loving and educated women. There also lives an eccentric professor, who wants to find a unique butterfly that lays eggs only on lambs’ tails. If Yaro does not find a wife within a year of his father’s death, the fortune will be passed to his distant relative Mary, who will do everything she can to stop Yaro from marrying.
1 h 30 min │ Musical │TRAILER

After the screening we invite the audience to a discussion with thefilm director Olena Demyanenko. Warm welcome!

The festival is organized in cooperation with Filmstaden and with the support of the City of Stockholm and the Ukrainian Embassy in Sweden. All films are shown at Saga Bio, Kungsgatan 24, Stockholm.