9-11 December 2022 – European Film Festival

The European Film Festival, organized by EUNIC Stockholm and the European Commission, gathers a selection of 11 best and newest European films, awarded both nationally and internationally. This year’s theme of the European Film Festival is the, simultaneously, question and statement of „What’s new“ in European cinema. What are the themes and topics that are being brought to the screen in European cinema? Who are its new voices? How is European cinema constructing new ways of addressing recurring and transversal themes such as identity and memory? How is European cinema positioning itself in the shifts of the world?

The festival opens with the screening of the Ukrainian film TOLOKA, which will be shown on December 9, 18:00 at Zita Folkets Bio.

➡️ TICKETS: https://zita.se/toloka
➡️ TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmOeAct9nE4&t=35s
➡️ MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: https://zita.se/european-festival