30 Jan-1 Feb 2019 – PAIDEIA Academic Confrence “1989 – 2019: Jews in Post-Communist Europe”

The fall of the Berlin wall marked a turning point in modern world history, as well as in modern Jewish history. The transition from communist regimes to democratic establishments, stable or struggling, aroused political, demographic, social and cultural change on the largest scale since the end of the Second World War. Europe has been transformed, the European Union challenged, and global politics overturned. New powers are unleashed on a broad scale from liberalism to chauvinism, from democracy to authoritarianism, from free markets to economic and political corruption.
This conference, marking 30 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall, focuses on the Jews of post-communist Europe as communities, individuals, activists, migrants, agents of change and cultural awakening, and targets of transition, anti-Semitism and renewed memory. For them, 1989 was a milestone not only in European and global history, but in Jewish history too.
The conference aims to take stock of historical processes, challenges and concerns, including the grave concerns of renewed hostility to Jews and to Israel, and the more positive challenges of new freedom, cultural creativity and the realignment of memory. Sweden’s unique vantage point in this historical realignment will be included in the conference discussions.
Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, as a crucial player in the renewal of Jewish cultural life in Europe, embedded in its longstanding education and activist work with students, cultural centers and active intellectual work across Europe, is uniquely positioned to host this path-breaking meeting, along with partners in Sweden and beyond. 1989 – 2019: Jews in Post-Communist Europe is set to explore and analyse contemporary Jewish partaking in post-communist Europe and beyond.

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The conference was made possible with support of:
Paideia folkhögskola
Historiska museet
Goethe-Institut Schweden
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Sweden
Södertörn University
The Hochschule für Jüdische Studien Heidelberg
Forum for Jewish Studies, Department of Theology, Uppsala University
IRES Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University
University of Potsdam – School of Jewish Theology
Czech Embassy Stockholm
Ukrainska Institutet i Sverige
Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union
Judisk Kultur i Sverige

The conference will start on Thursday January 31, at 13:00 and finish on Friday February 1, at 16:30.
The Conference fee is 270 SEK / 30 USD and registration and payment is possible only to the prior to the conference via links below.

For more information please visit paideia-eu.org

Registration is closed. For more info, please, contact ivana.koutnikova@paideia-eu.org