28 April 2015 – Ukraina i historien – book presentation

28 April at 18.00, ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm
RSVP to info@carlssonbokforlag.se

Stig Fredrikson discusses with the writer and historian Peter Johnsson his new book Ukraina i historien

It is the first, Swedish language historical work about Ukraine intended for a broad public, describing Ukraine’s history from ancient time until the Maidan Revolution and the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2014. It is indispensable to read for anyone who wants to understand the causes of the present conflict. It is a must for all Swedes who want to know more about Ukraine than what appears in the news flow.

Peter Johnsson is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s leading connoisseurs of Eastern Europe. His books are not only solidly referenced and rest on the latest historical research, but are also very easily read. Peter Johnsson’s books show empathy and dedication to the fate of the people he writes about. These qualities are needed to become a cultural translator of great measures – Barbara Törnquist-Plewa, Professor of Eastern and Central European Studies Lund University.

Peter Johnsson is a historian and journalist. He has since the early 1980s reported, with Warszawa as a permanent starting point, for the Nordic media about developments in central and eastern Europe. He has followed Ukraine has since the country proclaimed its independence in 1991.

His book Polen i historien –  was named in SvD to be a masterpiece. For his book Stalin’s murder in Katyn, Peter Johnsson received the Swedish Polonica award in 2010. The book is translated into Finnish and German.

The book promotion is organized by  Carlsson bokförlag, ABF-huset, Ukrainska institutet and Polska institutet.

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