Відомі шведські артисти відкривають українську класичну музику для міжнародної публіки (Січень 2017)

Some of the most authentic examples of Ukrainian chamber music in a new CD – CONSOLATION.
The Ukrainian Institute of Sweden is happy to announce a unique new CD: Consolation – Forgotten Treasures of the Ukrainian Soul.

With this disc, the Swedish-Ukrainian pianist Natalya Pasichnyk, her sister Olga and their Swedish colleagues offer the listener a way into this shadowy world – the beautiful, melancholy and emotive World of Ukrainian chamber music.

Consolation - forgotten treasures of the Ukrainian soul


In Ukraine, as in many other parts of Europe, the late nineteenth century saw the emergence of a national spirit which resulted in a movement to explore and cultivate popular culture. But the country would have to wait until 1991 for independence, and in the meantime this national spirit could only find musical expression in the more intimate forms. Some of the most authentic examples of Ukrainian art music can therefore be found in chamber music and in song. Except for Valentyn Sylvestrov, the composers featured will be mostly unknown to an international audience, yet they invite the listener to share a journey into a soundscape that is both exotic and strangely familiar.

The title of the disc, Consolation, is derived from a rhapsodic piano piece by Viktor Kosenko which perfectly captures the inward-looking mood of much of Ukrainian music, but the first sound which meets the ear of the listener is a loosely strummed chord, like the sound of a lute: in his Dumka-shumka from 1877, Mykola Lysenko imitated the sound of the Ukrainian lute, the kobza. Lysenko is a central figure in Ukrainian art music, and is also represented here with the song Meni odnakovo, a setting of a poem by Taras Shevchenko, the poet who for many embodies the spirit of Ukrainian independence.

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Some international attention of the recording:

– “The performances are outstanding”
Pizzicato – Remy Franck’s Journal about Classical Music.
– Highlight of the year 2016newspaper Mittelbayerische.
– Rated 9/10Klassik Heute
– “Consolation keeps high class…”
Svenska dagbladet
– “The pianist Natalya Pasichnyk impresses with nuanced and harmonious play” – OPUS magasin, March 2017.
– “Pianist Natalya Pasichnyk and friends explore rare gems from the time of Soviet occupation of Ukraine … strong performances.” **** – Elinor Cooper – BBC Music magazine – March 2017
Mosaik Magazine
France Musique

Natalya Pasichnyk (top left), Emil Jonason (top right), Olga Pasichnyk (middle left), Christian Svarfvar (middle right), Jacob Koraniy (bottom left), Luthando Wave (bottom right).

From OPUS magasin, March 2017.