6-8 November 2015 – REX Animation Film Festival

6/11-8/11 2015 – REX Animation Festival – Ukraina var värdigt representerad på REX Animation Festival på Kulturhuset i Stockholm med 4 olika animerade kortfilmer: The Shop of Song Birds (som var en del av festivalens öppnande), Imagination, One old man decided to marry och The Gum.

“6th -8th  November I had the pleasure to be a part of the first REX animation festival, which was held in Stockholm. The festival focused on animated films created in European countries. One of the films which presented Ukraine was my own short film The Shop of Song Birds, produced by the support of the State Agency for films. The film was screened at the opening of the festival in the House of Culture in Stockholm. The following day I took part in a seminar dedicated to the production of animated films and diversity in modern animation techniques.
I would like to call attention to the good organization of the event from the side of Maria Razakamboly as well as the Ukrainian Institute in Sweden, but also personally to Natalya Pasichnyk and Anastasia Klyonova who with their own efforts try to spread the Ukrainian culture in Sweden. I would also like to thank Catherine Morozetsky for her hospitality.
I sincerely hope that the Ukrainian animation and particularly my film in the REX festival will contribute to the wider dissemination of Ukrainian cinematography in the European Union and the world in general.”
Anatoly Lavrenishyn, Director of the animated film Shop of Song birds